MulchmatMulchmats are specialist erosion control mats. They can be used on level areas or slopes where a combination of erosion control and controlled planting is required. They provide erosion protection and at the same time stop the growth of weeds while promoting the growth of planted vegetation. Mulch mats provide mulching, moisture control, non-chemical weed control, erosion control and soil temperature balance all in a single simple operation. Nursery like conditions can be achieved easily and by environmentally friendly means. Mulchmats can also enhance growth without the need for further mulching, chemicals or large scale maintenance.

In the past plastic geotextiles such as our range of Woven Geotextiles would have been used as cheap mulch mat alternatives. Unfortunately, this solution is both ugly and leaves a long term end of life legacy. They require removal and disposal at end of live. Otherwise they eventually end up breaking up into little bits which then gets blown around by the wind or ingested by animals.

Biodegradable Mulchmats gets around this problem by slowly biodegrading as the planted vegetation begins to grow, while at the same time returning nutrients back to the soil as they do so. The intention is for the Mulchmat to be totally decomposed by the time the planted vegetation is fully established. Our range of specialist biodegradable mulch mats do just that.

Type 9 & Type 10 Mulchmat


Our Greenfix Type 9 & Type 10 Mulchmats are biodegradable.

The upper layer comprises a natural fibre which provides UV protection for the under layer while providing natural appearance which blends in with the surrounding vegetation. This upper layer also retards the flow of surface water and helps to regulate soil temperature.

The phodegradable polypropylene under layer reduces moisture loss, provides erosion control protection and natural environmentally friendly method for controlling weeds.

Type 9 and Type 10 Mulchmats provide erosion control, weed control and mulching benefits for at least 3 years.

Matting is available in rolls or squares. Steel pins, plastic and timber pegs are normally used to fix matting to the ground or slope.

For more information, click on the appropriate pdf download link at the bottom of this page.


We have recently added a new innovative BioMulchmat to our range of specialist biodegradable mats. It is a nonwoven mat made of 100% bio-polymer or a combination of bio-polymer and natural fiber. This bio-polymer is 100% biodegradable and compostable manufacture is based on 100% renewable resources making this the only 100% biodegradable Mulchmat. Wind generated energy is used in manufacturing (+/-50%) This product and similar Biomulchmat

Best of all, our BioMulchmat is relatively cheap and easy to use. It is light, easy to handle and easy to cut. For more information, click on the link below.


For more information, click on the appropriate pdf download link below.

Download Greenfix Mulchmats Brochure (PDF)

Download Bio Mulchmat Brochure (PDF)

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