Rockmat R

RockmatRRockmat R Combines the benefits of Secumat with additional steelwoven wiremesh reinforcement. It is manufactured from 2 layer 3-dimensional UV stabilised labyrinth like extruded polymer mesh with a choice of galvanised or PVC coated hexagonal triple twist steel wire mesh.

The Secumat layer controls surface erosion by retaining soil particles within its convoluted monofilament core and helps to anchor and reinforce the root zone of plants. It is RockmatRresistant to all natural chemical or biological substances present in typical soils. The steel wire mesh layer on the other hand provides structural strength. They combine to form Rockmat R which provides additional long term support and protection to vulnerable slopes.

Rockmat R also provides a highly effective anti-vermin protection layer where rabbits and foxes etc. are likely to create slope instability due to burrowing.
Download Rockmat R Brochure (PDF, 215Kb)