Naue Secugrid – Geogrid

Secugrid geogridSecugrid geogrids are premium quality flat CE certified geogrids manufactured in the EU from interlaced extruded polymer bars. They are formulated from either PET or PP resins, with high strength monolithic welded junctions. Available as both uniaxial and biaxial geogrid and with tensile strengths ranging from 20kN/m up to 800kN/m, Secugrid is suitable for the most demanding projects.

Secugrid geogrid provides tensile reinforcement and can be used to strengthen base courses, retaining walls, reinforced earth banks, spanning voids, load transfer of overlying soil masses and reinforcing trench covers and beds. It can also be used with modular block retaining wall system.

Secugrid geogrid offers

  • high strength at low strain
  • low creep with PET geogrids
  • high resistance to installation damage
  • easy installation by unrolling flat without curling
  • high resistance to chemical attack
  • unrolls flat for ease of installation
  • manufactured to ISO9001
  • available with bonded Secutex geotextile (Combigrid)

Download Secugrid Geogrid Spec ( PDF, 277Kb )