CycleFoam Noise Barrier

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The Cyclefoam Noise Barrier is a purpose designed true high performance noise insulating, sound absorbing acoustic barrier system. It is manufactured from recycled Cyclefoam panels. Acoustic performance conforms to EN 1793 and is substantially more effective then standard timber system which offer only token noise reduction.

Acoustic and Technical Performance

The most appropriate method of comparing the performance of various acoustic barrier systems is to compare the Noise Insulating Index (DLr) & the Noise Absorption Index (DLa) when tested to EN 1793. It has an exceptional DLa of 8-12 dB (EN 1793-1) and DLr of 31dB (EN 1793-2). Note that the decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit and is a measure of sound pressure. It is important to remember that the increase or decrease in power is not directly proportional the the decibel rate. Every 3dB change is equivalent to a change in power by the factor of 2.

Cyclefoam also has self extinguishing fire resistance according to EN 1794-2. It is the ideal choice when designing for compliance with the European Standards and the new NRA Guidelines for the Treatment of Noise and Vibration. Timber panel acoustic barriers do not normally conform to the above which is the reason why they are not normally used in continental Europe.


Cyclefoam is a raw material based on recycling PVC building construction waste, such as pipes, windows, etc. Post consumer PVC is collected all over Europe to be converted to Cyclefoam. The front and rear panels are manufactured from Cyclefoam. The rockwool/glasswool acoustic panel core, sandwiched between Cyclefoam rear and perforated front panels provides the sound absorbing capabilities. The front and rear panels are then fixed together to form a cassette. The acoustic barrier is built by slotting the sandwich panel cassettes between H-section steel posts. The panels are very easy and quick to install. The panels can either be single sided or two sided depending on whether source of noise is on one or both sides.

Anti Graffiti coating

Panels can be coated with the revolutionary and patented Decoroc coating in a wide range of attractive colours.This coating has strong colour resistance, is impact resistant, has excellent chemical resistance and offers low maintenance with anti graffiti characteristics. Another benefit of this coating is its self cleaning properties. High performance acoustic barriers with various imaginative colour themes and anti graffiti are possible with this system.

Latest Innovation

Latest innovation introduced in 2015 is the option to integrate led lighting into the cassette. This is done for either aesthetic or safety reasons.


Cyclefoam offers a high performance, durable and aesthetically pleasing absorbent true acoustic barrier solution for demanding applications.

Download the brochure using the link below for additional information.

Download Cyclefoam Noise Barrier Brochure (PDF)