Phi Group Florawall Noise Barrier

FlorawallThe FlorAwall Environmental Noise Barrier was designed to be an improvement on our Permacrib Environmental Barrier System to allow for easier vegetation. It is a high performance sound absorbing noise barrier system. It is the ideal choice when designing for compliance with the European Standards and the new NRA Guidelines for the Treatment of Noise and Vibration.

Florawall Noise BarrierThere is more to Noise Barriers than just acoustic performance. They do not necessarily have to be seen, and if visible, they definitely do not have to be ugly. The FlorAwall® Environmental Noise Barrier is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of contemporary environmental landscaping. FlorAwall is manufactured from pressure treated timber, the free standing walls up to 5m high with shelved sides, can be enhanced with endless variation of planting schemes to create visually stunning and acoustically impressive structures with a wide variety of applications. The vegetation can either hide the wall or be used to enhance the surrounding landscaping. It is the ‘natural choice’ for noise barriers.

Acoustic Performance

FlorAwall Environmental Barrier has excellent acoustic performance with exceptional noise absorbtion. It has an exceptional DLa of 8.5 dB (EN 1793-1) Class A3 and DLr of 26.6dB (EN 1793-2) Class B3. Note that the decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit and is a measure of sound pressure. It is important to remember that the increase or decrease in power is not directly proportional the the decibel rate. Every 3dB change is equivalent to a change in power by the factor of 2.


Florawall Noise BarrierFlorAwall Environmental Barrier is constructed using pressure treated timber components to form a series of silos and filled with suitable infill material. The shelves are then filled with topsoil and planted as required. Once vegetated, the wall blends in with the surrounding vegetation and also becomes even more graffiti resistant. The vegetation further improves sound absorbtion.


    • Full landscaping potential.
    • 45 year expected service life with European timber or 120 year expected service life with our BBA certified Permacrib timber.
    • Engineered for maximum strength.
    • Exceptional sound absorption.
    • Absorbs as well as reflects sound, unlike standard panel noise barriers which only reflect sound.
    • Provides a barrier against highway dust, fumes and light from vehicles.
    • Versatile continuous construction giving ability to step with slopes and undulations.
    • Significant height capabilities.
    • Natural Appearance.
    • Graffiti resistant, especially when vegetated.
    • Flexibility gives seismic and earthquake resistance.
    • Environmentally friendly.

For more information please download the brochure using the link below.
Download FlorAwall Noise Barrier Brochure (PDF)