Phi Group Soil Panel

Soil Panel Reinforced earth

Phi Group Soil Panel is a patented system to create naturally vegetated face to steep Soil Nailed (SN) cuttings and to Reinforced Earth or Reinforced Soil (RS) embankments. This premium system separates structural elements from horticultural requirements, offering additional protection to the structural elements from accidental damage and fire damage.

The Soil Panel system offers the following features:

  • Heavily galvanised steel mesh components
  • Inner structural panel attaches to soil nailed system or to reinforcement in reinforced earth system
  • Outer panel forms separates compartments filled with top soil for establishing vegetation
  • Compartment can be filled with stone if “no maintenance’ finish is required
  • Outer compartment protects reinforced earth structural elements from accidental impact or fire damage and reinforced earth geogrids from U.V. lights exposure
  • Designed for 60 years service life
  • Highways Agency approved
  • Has a wide range of applications but particularly for road and rail widening projects as well as creating “green” natural looking banks on housing and retail projects

Download Soil Panel Brochure (PDF, 421Kb)

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