Precast Concrete MSE

Precast MSE retaining wallGeo-Coastal Precast Concrete MSE Wall is a precast concrete faced reinforced earth retaining wall system, renowned for its cost effectiveness and ease of installation. It utilises galvanised steel ladder or Secugrid geogrid as it’s basic structural component.

Geo-Coastal Precast Concrete MSE Wall is based on proven technology and materials and is suitable for use as a retaining wall as well as other similar applications such as bridge abutments, seawalls and other applications, especially those with curves and sharp corners.

It is available with fair faced finish or with a choice of textures and surface finishes to suit most requirements.

Each component has been developed to deliver a cost effective system and ease of installation.The overall system allows the installer to install more per day than other similar systems.

Download Geo-Coastal Precast Concrete MSE Wall Brochure (PDF, 576Kb)

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