Soil Nailing

Soil NailingSoil Nailing is a reinforcement and stabilisation system for suitable cut slopes and embankments. It is part of the ground engineering services we offer. Soil Nailing involves the drilling and grouting of steel nails into a soil embankment. These nails reinforce the slip circle of the slope thus stabilising it.

Soil Nailing can be used in isolation or in conjunction with a variety of facing systems, such as:

  • Rock netting with erosion control matting is the most economical solution.
  • Gunnite or shotcrete
  • Soil Panel results in a soft vegetated face.
  • Gabion for a stone face.
  • Permacrib for a semi vegetated timber crib face.

Rockfall nettingSoil Nailing Applications

  • Efficient new build retaining structures in cutting used in conjunction with soft or hard facings
  • Stabilising existing over-steep embankments
  • Stabilising existing concrete or masonry retaining walls and bridge abutments
  • Temporary support to excavations

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