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** As used on the RTE Super Garden 2014 winning garden ‘Tus Nua’ by Cian Hawes. This garden also subsequently won a Silver Medal at the 2014 Bloom in the Park Festival **

** As used in the 2014 Bloom in the Park Festival Gold Medal winner ‘The Garden of Sculptures’ designed by Ingrid Swan and Ruth Liddle **


Weld Mesh Gabion Description

Gabions are purpose designed and manufactured specialist stone filled wire mesh baskets or cages for use in the construction of retaining walls and Slope Stabilisation. Weld Mesh Gabions are offered as an alternative to our range of traditional Woven Mesh Gabion baskets. As specialists with over 25 years of gabion design, supply and installation experience, we offer a comprehensive range of both types of gabions for sale in Ireland.

Welded Mesh Gabions are constructed using square weld mesh panels rather than hexagonal triple twist woven mesh panels of traditional woven mesh gabion baskets. They are increasing in popularity due to their comparative ease and speed of installation. Gabions are an economical environmental solution for structural retaining walls and coastal defences. They are particularly suited for use in retaining walls due to their permeability and flexibility. The permeability enables groundwater to flow through freely when most other retaining wall types will retain ground water causing hydrostatic pressure to build up behind the wall and may result in the wall failing and getting washed away. Their flexibility allows them to deform as required when rigid walls such as concrete walls would have cracked.

Weld Mesh Gabions are substantially easier, quicker and thus cheaper to fill and install. The ease and speed of installation more than compensates for the nominal additional purchase cost. Hence, it is the more economical overall solution, once the installation cost is taken into consideration. When designed like for like, welded mesh gabions provide the most economical solution for small to medium height soil retaining applications.

Weld Mesh Gabions are typically supplied partially assembled to suit customer requirements and flat packed for delivery. Once on site, they are opened up, stood up and then laced, clipped or helicalled together in-situ to form the required retaining wall configuration. More information on this is available by downloading our Installation Guide which can be downloaded using the link at the bottom of this page.

Advantages of Weld Mesh Gabions

  • Blends easily and harmoniously with the natural surroundings.
  • Low cost
  • Good resistance to natural forces
  • Can withstand unpredictable movement or settlement without loss of stability
  • Permeable
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Possibility of DIY installation
  • Quality finish and appearance
  • Quick and cheap to install
  • Easily made to order
  • Easy to vegetate

Weld Mesh Gabion Options

We offer a wide range of Welded Mesh Gabion options. Our gabions are proper gabions with the steel and coatings confirming to the necessary structural and durability requirements confirming to the latest standards. It is also possible to mix and match gabion configurations to specific requirements. For example, it is possible to have a gabion with 6 different mesh types and specifications on all 6 faces on a gabion basket. A selection of options on offer are listed below. Feel free to contact us if you require assistance selecting the best options for your application.

Mesh Sizes Options

We can offer a range of mesh size dimensions. The most common mesh size is 3″ x 3″ (76.2mm x 76.2mm) but 2″ x 2″ (50.8mm x 50.8mm) and 4″ x 4″ (101.6mm x 101.6mm) is also available. Other mesh sizes are available on request.

Wire Diameter Options

Standard wire diameters available are 3mm, 4mm and 5mm. Heavier gauge wires increase rigidity which in turn results in a gabion which is squarer and neater in appearance. The resulting gabion is also easier and quicker to fill. Even though the standard 3mm is more than adequate for most structural applications, 4mm and 5mm are often selected for the following reasons:

  • Improve appearance
  • Ease of installation
  • Speed of installation
  • Added vandal resistance
  • Added rigidity for pre-filling and lifting

Wire Coating Options

The durability of a gabion depends on the wire coating used. The most commonly used coating specified is Alu-Zinc (95% Zn + 5% Al). Alu-Zinc coated gabions are often mistaken for ordinary zinc galvanised ones because they look similar to the untrained eye. However, they are typically up to 3-4 times more durable than ordinary zinc galvanised gabions and is considered adequate for most permanent applications. Galvanised gabions on the other hand, are generally only considered suitable for temporary structures or structures where durability is not a concern.

PVC coated gabions should be considered for longer service life requirements or when used near the sea, river or locations where exposure to corrosive chemicals, acids and salts is expected. Anticipated service life for with plastic PVC coating is up to 120 years, depending on exposure conditions. Plastic coated gabions are galvanised first before being plastic coated. PVC coating on our weld mesh gabion is fusion bonded. Due to recent customer requests we are now offer Grey as well as Green as standard colours. Other colours are available to special order.

PVC coated gabions should be considered for longer service life requirements and for application near the sea, river or locations where exposure to corrosive chemicals, acids and salts is possible.

For severe exposure conditions or very long service life requirements, Stainless steel Grade 304 and Grade 316 gabions are also available to special order.

Gabion Sizes

Weld Mesh Gabions are typically available in range of sizes in half metre steps, starting with 0.5×0.5×0.5m (L x W x H), with the 2x1x1m gabion being the most common size. Other common sizes are 1.5x1x1m, 1x1x1m, 2x1x0.5x 1x1x0.5m, 2×0.5×0.5m. Non standard sizes including larger sizes are available to request. We can make up most sizes and shapes on request, depending on the mesh configuration selected.

Feel free to contact us if you require assistance deciding on the most suitable configuration for your requirements.

Typical Weld Mesh Gabion Applications

  • Retaining wall structures
  • River and canal training
  • Erosion and scour protection; roadway protection; bridge protection
  • Hydraulic structures, dams and culverts
  • Coastal defence and protection works
  • Rockfall and soil erosion protection
  • Architectural cladding for walls and buildings
  • Freestanding walls, noise and environmental barriers
  • Windbreaks
  • Boundary walls
  • Landscaping features
  • Raised flower beds

Architectural Gabions

Weld Mesh Gabion when hand filled with decorative stone facing is also increasingly being used as architectural cladding for walls and buildings in Ireland. It is a simple and easy way of achieving architectural stone cladding for buildings and other structures. The reason for this is their tidy and aesthetically pleasing stone faced finish due to the rigidity of the weld mesh. Gabions used for cladding have a different configuration to standard gabions used in retaining walls.

EasyBuild Gabions

There has been an increase in demand in Ireland for self-build DIY gabions typically for smaller retaining walls or as landscaping feature walls for domestic applications. DIY self-build gabions have different requirements to standard gabions. The emphasis is on the ease of buildability. Standard gabions, although cheaper may require more skill during installation. Homeowners will probably not have the experience nor the tools and plant available to specialist installers. The ideal gabion in this instance should take this into consideration. As a result, we have developed a range of EasyBuild gabions based on the welded mesh gabion with heavier gauge wire mesh on exposed faces. This makes the exposed faces a lot more rigid which in turn makes them a lot easier and more importantly, quicker to fill. For more information on our range of EasyBuild Gabions, please contact our sales department for details and pricing.

Landscaping Gabions

Gabions are increasingly being used as landscaping features. Although it can be argued that landscaping gabions do not necessarily have to have all the structural and durability properties of proper structural gabions, it is important all gabions should still comply with minimum requirements. We manufacture gabions to order as required for landscaping purposes.

Pre-filled Gabions

Prefilled gabions are available on request. These are delivered to site prefilled ready for lifting into position. Prefilled gabions should be only used as the last resort. Whenever possible, gabions should be filled insitu for better structural performance, higher quality finish and to minimise cost.

Gabion Design

Welded Mesh Gabions can be designed using either the gravity retaining wall concept or as the facing element for reinforced earth and cantilever concrete or steel retaining structures. Both these are well establish design configurations in Ireland, UK and all over the world. These designs concepts are also allowed for in BS8002, BS8006 as well as Eurocode 7. We recommend all retaining walls be designed to at least one of these design codes. Feel free to contact us should you require design assistance. When designed properly, Gabion retaining walls offer an economical and aesthetically pleasing finished stone faced solution for low to medium height walls. This is especially so when compared to most other retaining wall options, such as reinforced concrete and masonry walls.

Feel free to give us a call and our experienced Engineers will be delighted to review your requirements with you and advice you on possible gabion design solutions.

For additional information on our range of Weld Mesh Gabion systems, please click on the appropriate pdf download link below.

Click here to download and view our Welded Mesh Gabion Brochure (PDF)

Click here to download and view our Welded Mesh Gabion Installation Guide (PDF)

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