Secumat Erosion Control Mat

SecumatSecumat is a premium 3-dimensional double layered erosion control geomat consisting of UV-stabilised labyrinth-like extruded monofilament polymer core, with an open weave geotextile backing. This backing layer makes Secumat unique among plastic erosion control mats and dramatically improves performance in hydraulic erosion control applications.

It controls erosion and helps to anchor and reinforce the root zone of plants. General uses include slope and ground protection in road building, landscaping and landfill engineering works.

SecumatSecumat is resistant to all natural chemical or biological substances present in the soil and is also extremely resistant to UV radiation. Secumat’s effectiveness is ensured for long-term applications.

For special applications where additional strength is required, our Rockmat R combines the advantages Secumat with the strength of our Rockfall Netting.

Secumat is a premium and cost effective erosion control solution.

Download the brochure using the link below for additional information.

Download Secumat Erosion Control Brochure (PDF, 647Kb)

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