Econ Soil Panel

Econ Soil Panel Green

The Econ Soil Panel reinforced soil slope stabilization system is a budget variation on our original Soil PanelTM reinforced soil system. It is effectively a modification of our Soil PanelTM with the front mesh removed. It looses out on some of the structural and aesthetic benefits of the Soil PanelTM but compensates by being cheaper.

It was developed as an alternative to the Soil PanelTM to cater for projects where the final appearance of the finished vegetated wall may not be as critical and cost is paramount.

Econ Soil Panel is also a durable, vandal resistant, practical and economical alternative to wraparound geogrid slope stabilization. The BBA certified PVC coated wire mesh is more durable and less prone to damage than geogrid and the self shuttering front face negates the need to shutter during construction. This substantially reduces the installation time and cost.

The Econ Soil Panel slope stabilization system consists of a choice of erosion control or vegetation mats sandwiched between a layer of Alu-Zinc coated welded mesh panel on the inside and PVC coated rock netting on the outside. The Rock netting completely wraps around the whole panel and extends into the backfill to from the soil reinforcement as well. The welded mesh panels acts as a sacrificial front face shutter. The Alu-Zinc coating of the welded mesh and The PVC coating on the galvanised rock netting ensures that our system will be durable.

The panel is backfilled with top soil just behind the face, and compacted frictional fill in the structural zone. Vegetation can be introduced by planting, seeds added into the top soil, preseeded vegetation mats or hydroseeding.
Download Econ Soil Panel Brochure (PDF, 421Kb)