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Erosion control mats are mats laid on the soil surface to protect against the washout of soil due to action of rain and surface water. Plastic mats such as our Secumat are very effective but because they are non-biodegradable have to be removed at end of life before they disintegrate. To get around this, we also have a range of biodegradable erosion control mats which slowly biodegrade as the natural vegetation begins to grow and returns nutrients back to the soil as they do so. The intention is for the mats to be totally perished by the time the planted vegetation is fully established.

Our Geocoir and Geojute are economical and biodegradable erosion control mats, purpose manufactured from bristle coir or jute fibre. 3D Coir mat is produced with a Geocoir net base with looped coir fibre upper matrix and is available in roll size 2m x 50m with a weight of 1.2kg/m2.

The rough upper matrix prevents erosion and slows water runoff, maximising sediment encapsulation. The 20mm upper layer will also retain soil on slopes of up to 25 degrees where little or no soil is present and where a totally natural and biodegradable entrapment and erosion solution is required.

Typical applications include river banks, pond edges, topsoil slopes, embankments. It is also often used to provide surface protection when used with slope stabilisation and soil retention systems such soil nailing, Soil Panels and Soilcell. It is also used in conjunction with our Geoweb cellular confinement system for top soiling applications where fresh topsoil is required to be placed and retained on slopes. The Geoweb is pinned to the slope and used as the main top soil retention system with either the Geocoir or Geojute installed over it as erosion control.


GeocoirGeocoir is manufactured from natural coconut fibre and is available in two grades or weights, 750 gram and 900 gram . Both the grades are strong and durable and provide short to mid term protection with an anticipated decomposition longevity of over 5 years. The 900 gram version is heavier and thicker and will therefore provide better protection.


GeojuteGeojute is manufactured from natural jute fibre. It is a lightweight yet effective net for use in prevention of erosion. It is not as durable as coir and will typically degrade within a single season and is used where short term protection is adequate. Geojute is capable of absorbing and holding up to 5 times it’s own weight in water and when used in conjunction with hydroseeding can be invaluable for the establishing of new grass growth.

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