Geoweb Cellular Confinement

Geoweb Cellular ConfinementThe Presto Geoweb® system is the original geocell cellular confinement system developed by Presto Geosystems over 30 years ago for creating solutions to challenging soil stabilisation problems.

Geoweb is a unique 3D cellular confinement system, manufactured from recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Suitable for erosion control, topsoil retention on slopes, tree root protection (TRP), retaining walls, channels, noise barriers and load support.

The Geoweb system is made up of a 3-D structure of hydrosonically welded HDPE strips which provides a network of interconnected cells that confine and compact soil or stone. The confinement action prevents erosion and improves the structural performance of the soil or stone infill providing an alternative to reinforced concrete or armour. This helps prevent migration of materials. As a result, Geoweb is particularly beneficial in preventing soil erosion and failure on steep embankments. It can also increase material shear strength thus reducing fill requirements by up to 50%. It’s cellular structure can improve soil bearing capacity by up to 17 times.

The sidewalls of the cells are perforated. The perforations provide increased frictional interlock with stone where required. In vegetated systems, the perforations increase root interlocking and allow lateral drainage through the sidewalls in saturated soil conditions.

The Geoweb system comes in collapsed, lightweight panels for easy and safe handling onsite.


Tree Root Protection (TRP)

Vehicular traffic through wooded areas can damage tree roots. Geoweb cellular confinement system is also commonly used as Tree Root Protection (TRP). When used correctly, it helps to spread out imposed loading. This protects the tree roots by reducing the pressure on the roots. This is particularly useful when trying to provide vehicular access through a wooded area without killing the trees.

More information is available by downloading the Geoweb Tree Root Protection brochure using the link at the bottom of this page.

Tree Root Protection
Geoweb Tree Root Protection

Typical uses include:

  • Erosion Control on slopes and embankments
  • Emergency and fire access roads
  • Temporary roads
  • Occassional parking
  • Topsoil retention on slopes
  • Tree root protection (TRP)
  • Reinforced grass
  • Footpaths
  • Load bearing soil
  • Watercourse armouring

Download the brochure using the link below for additional information.

Download Geoweb brochure
Download Geoweb Tree Root Protection brochure

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