Naue Bentostrip

Bentostrip waterstopBentostrip hydro-expansive waterstop, used for sealing of concrete joints and consists of 75% natural sodium bentonite and 25% butyl
rubber. It is specifically designed for use with our Bentofix waterproofing membrane as a complete below ground waterproofing system. On contact with water, Bentostrip expands by more than 400%, providing a watertight seal. It remains flexible down to a temperature of minus 15 degrees celcius.

Bentostrip is supplied boxes, each box containing 4 strips of
25mm x 19mm x 10m long. Pre punched protection strips are supplied in 1m lengths.


Bentostrip is positioned in the middle of the construction joint and
fixed at 300-400mm centres with steel nails Bentostrip can be protected
against damage by using Bentonet, the metal fastening profile. Bentostrip
is applied to a dry and even surface. The ends of Bentostrip can be butt jointed.

For more information please refer to our Bentofix page.