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With modern and urban gardens ever shrinking, it is becoming a challenge balancing function with recreation. Space being at a premium, there is need to make the most of the limited garden space available. Plastic grass reinforcement and protection systems enable a good compromise. They allow grassed and gravelled areas to double as both recreational and functional areas as and when required. You can park or drive a car on it when necessary and it is just a normal lawn when not.

Grass reinforcement installation is simple and no different to the installation of any other paving system. When installed as recommended, they will also have the same functionality as other paving systems. When filled with a compost sand mix, the paver enables reinforced areas to be trafficked by pedestrians and vehicles while allowing grass growth. The plastic paving reinforces the ground and supports the loading enabling it to take additional traffic without turning into muck. It can also be used as porous paving or permeable paving. The natural permeability of reinforced grassed areas is maintained allowing the natural percolation of rain water into the ground. This is why it is often used as porous paving or permeable paving is one of the simplest and cheapest ways of reducing the SUDS requirements on projects.

They can also be used as gravel reinforcement when filled with gravel. They work by preventing the migrating of loose gravel on paths and tracks. They are referred to as Gravel Paving when used in this manner.

Typical application for vehicular traffic would require the paver be laid on a levelled blinding layer on an optional layer of geotextile over a compacted hardcore sub base.

Paved areas are fully porous and permeable and will contribute towards flood prevention by allowing rain water to percolate naturally into the ground. No further drainage measures should be required if installed properly.

As specialist in this field in Ireland, we offer a comprehensive range of Grass Reinforcement systems to suit different budgets and applications. Main factors to be considered when deciding on a system are durability, loading, frequency of loading, stability, ease of installation and finally cost. Unfortunately, due to the lack of proper standards for plastic paving, regardless of manufacturers claims, the quality of available systems vary substantially. The rule of thumb is you get what you pay for. The better systems will generally last longer, carry heavier loads, more stable under traffic and easier to install with less cutting required. Our most popular products are listed below.


The Geo-Coastal Grass Paving grass reinforcement system is our premium heavy duty and highly durable plastic grass reinforcement  and protection system. It is generally regarded as the best system currently in use and is also the most commonly used system in Ireland due to its high quality, durability, ease of installation and competitive pricing. It comprises 500mm x 500mm pavers with  40mm infill depth, reinforced base plate and 25mm integrated spike/stud anchorage zone giving an overall depth of 65mm. Unlike other systems, no geotextile underlay and fixing pins are needed, making this one of the easiest and quickest systems to install. When installed in accordance with our recommendation, this provides a minimum of 65mm depth of growing medium which should be sufficient for grass growth. The depth of blinding can be increased to provide additional growing medium depth if required. Plastic Grass Paving provide almost complete grass cover as compared to concrete alternatives which result in a paved area that is more concrete than grass. As a result, it does not require the same level of maintenance required by concrete surfaces.

Geo-Coastal Grass Paving reinforced grass system is manufactured in the EU from high quality UV stabilised recycled HDPE, making it very durable and environmentally friendly. The standard colours is green and black. Other colours are available on request.


Our Grass Paving is TUV certified as fit for purpose and has also been extensively tested and approved for use in many high profile applications such as on motorway medians, hard shoulders and service areas for the NRA as well as carparks and driveways for the OPW. Other common uses include and buggy tracks, helipads and pedestrian tracks, grass driveways, grass car park, grass footpaths, wheelchair paths, tree root protection applications and fire access roads for many golf courses, apartment blocks, industrial developments and hotels.

When filled with gravel, this paving system also becomes a very effective and durable Gravel Paving gravel reinforcement system. It has been used extensively and successfully by various golf clubs, hotels and parks for this purpose. More information on this is available from our Gravel Paving webpage.

Recent notable Grass Paving applications are on the Avoca Dunboyne, Dept. of the Environment in Wexford, Microsoft in Grangecastle, Google Ireland in Grangecastle, M50 Motorway, M7 Motorway, Malahide Castle, Grangegorman Hospital, Oakfield House, Howth Golf Club, Young Offenders Detention Centre Centre in Lusk, Kerry Group in Naas, Jazz Pharmaceutical in Athlone, etc.

High quality recycled HDPE makes it very durable, unlike cheaper alternatives which rapidly degrade, become brittle and splinter when exposed to UV from sunlight. The hexagonal honeycomb is a naturally strong shape and is superior to other shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles etc. The result is a significantly higher load bearing capability compared to square or circular voids. Another advantage is the reinforced base plate and integrated anchorage spikes/studs which rigidity and stability of the surface when trafficked. This means no additional anchorage pins are required. The hook and loop interlock connection between pavers provides tolerance during installation, making it easy and fast to install with a lot less cutting required compared to cheaper system which just slot together vertically, offering no tolerance whatsoever.

reinforced grass paving

Unique system benefits:

  • Hexagonal honeycomb shape with thick tapered side walls for additional strength
  • Made from high quality recycled UV stabilised HDPE for durability
  • Base Plate reinforcement for strength and load distribution
  • Built-in pins/studs to prevent movement and pull out. No additional required. Also speeds up installation
  • Connectors which hinge and has tolerance for ease and speed of installation
  • Free draining – SUDS complaint
  • Parking Markers

reinforced grass paving       Parking markers

Typical Uses include:

  • Grass Driveways
  • Sloping Driveways
  • Gravel Driveways
  • Fire access roads
  • Car parking
  • Caravan parking
  • Footpaths
  • Helipads
  • Golf buggy tracks
  • Erosion control
  • Agricultural entrances
  • Hardstand
  • Dog run

This is undoubtedly our best and most popular system.

Please click here to download more information on Geo-Coastal Grass Paving system.


reinforced grass gridNext is our plastic Grass Grid grass reinforcement system. It is a 330x330mm paver with a 40mm infill depth. The Grass Grid is a budget grass reinforcement system with normal quality recycled HDPE and a lighter construction and does not have a reinforced base. As a result it does without the integrated spikes of the Grass Paving and interlocks by slotting together vertically thus offering no tolerance. While this is fine for smaller domestic applications, additional cutting will be required for larger installations. Pins may be required to enhance stability for heavier traffic. Recommended usage of the Grass Grid would be garden paths, clotheslines and around garden sheds.

Please click here for more information on our Grass Grid system.


Geoweb is a cellular confinement system which can be used as a reinforced grass system more suitable for vehicle tracks. Geoweb is manufactured from HDPE strips welded together ultrasonically. Geoweb is typically used for tree root protection when providing tracks for occasional use. Typical applications include forestry tracks, tracks in wooded areas, access to listed structures in the middle of fields, tree root protection, etc. Geoweb in supplied in the form of expandable panels. There is a choice of depth ranging from 50mm to 300mm and cellular density from 10 to 40 cells/m2.

The open structure is fully permeable and depth allows excellent grass growth. Areas utilising Geoweb can be undistinguishable from surrounding grassed areas.

Please click here for more information on our Geoweb system.

Please click on the appropriate link below for more information.

Download and view our Grass Paving Brochure (PDF)

Download and view our Grass Grid Brochure (PDF)

Download and view our Geoweb Brochure (PDF)


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